Devi Pavarti (devi_pavarti) wrote in life_in_bed,
Devi Pavarti


I've been on modified bed rest since 28 weeks and am 35 weeks now. Was on a 50% work schedule before that from 23 -28. I'm still here and the baby is fine, the contractions come and go, go and come. Sometimes really strong and horrid sometimes nothing much. Today's been pretty bad and I think I lost part of my mucas plug, but nothing steady or productive is happening.

Is it fair for me to hate being pregnant now? Being 35 weeks is horrible. Earlier and I'd be at the hospital and would have gotten terb and would be asleep by now, 37 weeks and I'd be fucking my husband's brains out and walking up and down the stairs over and over again. But I'm neither, so I'm just miserable. How bad would it be to do two shots of whiskey and go to bed like my mother suggests? (kidding :)
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